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Life4Dew Fund-raising Dance, December 14, 2013, Carleton Place

Brea Lawrenson kicked off the Life4Dew Fund-raising Dance December 14, 2013, in Carleton Place

The Life4Dew Fund-raising Dance was held Saturday, December 14, 2013, at the Carleton Place Arena to raise funds for Dew Rotor and her family for extraordinary expenses while on the waiting list for a double-lung transplant and for post-transplant care. It was a snowy night but a few souls braved the cold and the snow to come out and support this worthwhile cause, enjoy some auction fever and some fabulous music. Our thanks to everyone who came.

In particular, we would like to thank Emcee Jerry Flynn, Carleton Place Councillor, who did a magnificent job keeping the evening moving along. Special thanks to our musical acts: Brea Lawrenson; Johnny Spinks; Lyle Dillabough (and stage manager); Gerry Turcotte and his band, GT and the Earthones; and Brent King who provided us with toe-tapping music. Well played everyone!

(Photo: Elizabeth Hare)

Life4Dew Committee, People First of Lanark County, Jerry Flynn and Jack MacLaren

MPP Jack MacLaren, Kory Earle, Elizabeth Hare, Terry Garwood, Manon Lepine, Angie Hamson and Jerry Flynn (Photo: Kathy Botham)

Our special thanks to everyone who helped with the dance including:

  • Almonte Print Shop

  • Amanda Sexsmith

  • Angie Hamson

  • Anne and Bruce M.

  • Ballygiblin's Restaurant and Pub, Carleton Place

  • Bob White

  • Brea Lawrenson

  • Brent King

  • Bulk Barn

  • Ottawa Bulk Barn

  • Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation

  • Canadian Golf and Country Club, Ashton

  • Canadian Tire, Carleton Place

  • Chris Belway

  • Christie Macartney

  • Christina Eagles

  • Civitan Club of Almonte

  • Debbie McVie

  • Diane Sexsmith

  • Eastway Employee Association, Carleton Place

  • Equator Coffee, Almonte

  • Ferguson Graphics, Carleton Place

  • Freshco, Carleton Place

  • Geoffrey Montreuil

  • George Turcotte

  • Giant Tiger, Carleton Place

  • GT and the Earthtones

  • Hare Publishing Services, Ottawa

  • Home Depot, Carleton Place

  • Home Hardware Building Centre, Almonte<

  • Home Hardware, Carleton Place

  • Jack MacLaren

  • Jeff Mills

  • Jennifer Geigel, Epicure

  • Jerry Flynn

  • Johnny Spinks

  • JR Dash

  • Kamil Karamali, CBC

  • Kathy Dickinson

  • Kelly Prescott and the Claytones

  • Kory Earle

  • Lanark County Therapeutic Riding Program

  • Lisa King

  • Lisa Larter

  • Loblaws, Carlingwood, Ottawa

  • Lyle Dillabough (Productions)

  • Lyn and David Presley

  • Mahogany Salon and Spa, Carleton Place

  • Manon Lepine

  • Matt Teirney

  • Metcalfe Golf Club

  • Metroland News

  • Mike McNeely and Son Ltd

  • Mike Sexsmith

  • Naomi Tschirhart

  • Natalie Robichaud

  • Ottawa Westin

  • Patrice's Independent Grocer, Almonte

  • People First of Lanark County

  • Pet Valu, Almonte

  • Precious Bloom Baby Boutique, Nepean

  • Rene Poirier

  • Rhita Harrison

  • Roger Ganneau

  • Rona, Carleton Place

  • Sheraton Centre, Toronto

  • Shopper's Drug Mart, Carleton Place

  • Sis and Bro Smart Buys, Almonte

  • SRC Music

  • Staples, Carleton Place

  • Steve's Independent Grocer, Carleton Place

  • Tammy Plunkett

  • Tara Gesner

  • Terry Garwood

  • Thirsty Moose, Carleton Place

  • Thyme and Again, Ottawa

  • Tiffany MacLaren and Mississippi Mills staff

  • Tim Horton's, Almonte

  • Walmart, Carleton Place

  • Wayne Cavanagh, Jack FM

  • Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto

  • Westin Ottawa

  • Whirlwind Web & Design Studio

Event Photos

Johnny Spinks and Gerry Turkotte GT and the Earthtones

Johnny Spinks and George Turcotte (Photo: Elizabeth Hare)

GT and the Earthtones (Photo: Elizabeth Hare)

Ambiance Ambiance

Photo: Kat Dickinson

Photo: Kat Dickinson

Lyle Dillabough and Jeff Mills The food ... yummy

Troupadour Lyle Dillabough and Jerry Flynn (Photo: Elizabeth Hare)

Refreshments are served! (Photo: Elizabeth Hare)

Johnny Spinks with GT and the Earthtones Elizabeth Hare and Angie Hamson enjoying the music

Johnny Spinks with GT and the Earthtones

Elizabeth Hare and Angie Hamson from the Life4Dew Committee enjoying the music (Photo: Kat Dickinson)

MPP Jack MacLaren and Kory Eagles Jeff Mills smoozing

MPP Jack MacLaren and Kory Earle (Photo: Elizabeth Hare)

Emcee Jerry Flynn - Carleton Place Counsellor (Photo: Elizabeth Hare)

Kory Eagles and Manon Lepine, People First of Lanark County Angie Hamson, Life4Dew Committee

Kory Earle and Manon Lepine, People First of Lanark County
(Photo: Elizabeth Hare)

Angie Hamson, Life4Dew Committee (Photo: Elizabeth Hare)

Elizabeth Hare, Brea Lawrenson and Jeff Mills The stage and our cameraman

Elizabeth Hare, Life4Dew Committee; Brea Lawrenson, Songstress extraordinaire; and Carleton Place Counsellor and Emcee, Jerry Flynn (Photo: Angie Hamson)

CBC Camerman Mike Shaunassey, the stage and audio setup - thanks Brent King! (Photo: Elizabeth Hare)

Guests auction

Some of our guests (Photo: Elizabeth Hare)

Silent auction (Photo: Elizabeth Hare)

Special thanks to Elizabeth Hare, Hare Publishing Services; Whirlwind Web & Design Services, Lisa Larter, Lisa Larter Consulting, the Civitan Club in Almonte, and People First of Lanark County for their invaluable love and support.